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ENDOALPHA Workspace Design

Ergonomically designed procedure rooms customised for your team and patients.
With ENDOALPHA WORKSPACE DESIGN we create the ideal work environment for you and your team. We provide ergonomic arrangement of ceiling pendants and monitor arms, wall mounted displays and touch screens, nurses station, room and ambient light, Procedure Room walls, e.g. glass walls as well as supplying a 3D-model representation of what your future Operating or Procedure Room will look like.
Partner with ENDOALPHA for future proof OR or Procedure Room functionality whilst maximising your operating room design to truly unlock your optimal workflow and boost efficiency.

Ergonomically tailored workspace for your team and procedural needs

Olympus systems integration experts work with the hospital and medical teams to design ergonomically optimised ORs and endoscopy suites for an optimal work environment.

Focused on enhancing efficiency and satisfaction

Design based on procedure requirements leads to greater efficiency and improvement in hospital staff satisfaction. Equipment is placed on boom arms for easy positioning, a cable free floor enhances safety and supports a quick cleaning and the availability of all necessary equipment in the right place allows for best working position. Working with you to understand your current workflow, Olympus will analyze your staff mix, procedure patterns and current processes in designing a more pleasant workspace. The use of boom arms does away with the need for troublesome cords piling up throughout the room. Our approach is a simple one – to focus on staff satisfaction, a safe work environment and improved patient care. A practical technical control panel with an integrated 15" touch screen, ergonomically-designed keyboard and easy, on-demand connectivity for advanced instruments and external audio-video connections.

Technical control panel

An easy-to-use, 15" touch screen embedded in the technical panel provides a central control point within the operating theatre or endoscopy suite. The ergonomically designed keyboard and technical panel’s patch option enables a quick integration of external audio-visual connections and easy on-demand connectivity for advanced instruments. Combining an aesthetic coloured glass-design with ergonomic lighting systems, video and audio routing, the Technical Control Panel is compatible with the complete ENDOALPHA product portfolio and creates a calming atmosphere for patients and medical staff.

Technical display panel

Providing a 178° viewing angle, the Technical Display Panel allows for an excellent view from anywhere within the room. A 42" HD monitor integrated with the ENDOALPHA video management system brings control, utility and detailed images into the operating theatre and endoscopy suite environments. With a large easy-to-clean wall-mounted housing and excellent view, this monitor is ideally suited for teaching, reference images, video-conferencing or to display endoscopic images for auxiliary staff