Being established in the year 1996, FANAVARI has its core work field on Medical and Health Care Foundation. FANAVARI is working on various value-added Health Care Services to customers in different parts of state by providing specialist advice, support and total solution to organizations seeking to make effective use of Categorical Medical Facilities. Since its inception, FANAVARI has accumulated its services and provided services to a large number of patients / customers and achieved lots of good wishes along with business.

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About Us

 The company has positioned itself to provide total solutions for hospitals and healthcare industry to various sectors by planning a range of services to help people and companies to focus on their main goal and derive the benefits of technology and medical solutions efficiently developed, implemented and supported by professionals with strong credentials. We are especially proud of our collaboration with professional medical societies and numerous national healthcare organizations.By helping to educate, inform and create awareness through direct consumer outreach, various sponsorships, education, and more, we are helping to save lives.

Mission & Vision

 Our vision is to be a values-based organization, providing customer-centric solutions to the highest standards of excellence, and creating value to all stakeholders. Our work doesn't begin and end with the execution of our customer's project. Our vision is to be a first class outsourcing company and at the heart of this vision lies the core concept of responsibility. At FANAVARI, we believe we are responsible - to our customers, to our employees, and to our society at large. Sharing our knowledge and expertise to create value is our ultimate goal.Our mission is to be the "organization of choice" for the out sourcing healthcare Industry in IRAN.

Quality Policy

 Quality ensures reliability and customer satisfaction, which is our primary goal to achieve. Re-Life Digital Solution Quality is a passion. Every department concentrates on every aspect of high quality product and service. Through the ISO 9001 and 13485 quality management systems guidelines the strong process orientation translates into real benefits like reduced service cycle times, improved customer satisfaction scores and better cost efficiencies.We work with you throughout to ensure that your objectives and mentioned standards are met absolutely. Our commitment to technology and high quality products helps to offer our clients one of the advanced and best-fit solutions in the market.



Fundamental Physics Of MRI Training Course
Fundamental Physics Of MRI Training Course

we are always here to improve the knowledge of our clients that is our concern more


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