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ENDOALPHA Video Management

Share live and archived operating room video and images throughout the hospital and beyond.
Interactive teaching sessions, live case transmissions for consultation, workshops or symposiums as well as central image and video documentation are now a reality.
ENDOALPHA facilitates image and video management within the OR and procedure room as well as in the entire hospital and even beyond. Convenient video availability anywhere and anytime through your hospital’s network with the ability to route video feeds to multiple locations, e.g. lecture room, doctor's office, as well as the facility for video conferencing.

High definition (HD) video quality

ENDOALPHA Video Management is capable of delivering videos in high definition quality (HD). Thanks to this superb standard physicians are enabled to work with the best video quality available.


The special functionality "Scene Selection" as well as definable pre-sets help to standardise procedures, decrease turn-around time and improve workflow.


More students can now access live videos from the operating theatres. Thanks to ENDOALPHA Video Management there is a smaller number of persons in the OR and therefore the risk of an infection of the patient can potentially be reduced.


Thanks to the ability of viewing multiple streams at the same time, ENDOALPHA Video Management makes it possible to have an up-to-date overview over the whole ward/OR tract. Therefore, it allows a better coordination of the ward and increases efficiency.

Integrated reporting

Thanks to the integration into the whole ENDOALPHA product portfolio, the ENDOALPHA Video Management makes it possible to automatically generate reports with pictures and videos from the examination. Following that, a lot of time can be saved and workflow efficiency can be increased.

Zero Footprint installation

The player called IN-Stream, which is needed to view the streams, can be run from any web browser without the need of any special installations on the PC. If desired, a large number of people (e.g. students) can easily access the streams.


Thanks to the Multi-Stream-Viewer a user can watch multiple streams on one monitor in a user defined layout. Nurses for example are enabled to have an overview on the ongoing procedures and are thereby capable of aligning the neccessary preparations much more effective.

Full access right management

The full access right management implements that especially defined user groups are equipped with different rights. For instance other physicians can view and access more videos than a normal student.

Advanced security

Since patient data and especially videos of examinations have to be handled with great care, security standards for ENDOALPHA Video Management have an outstanding priority. That’s why all streams are encrypted with full AES-256 bit.