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ENDOALPHA Service Solutions

Maximize up time and ensure a long system life with our modular service plans specifically tailored to your needs.
With ENDOALPHA SERVICE SOLUTIONS we offer you tailor-made service plans to meet your individual requirements that ensure your investment is protected. Our service plans will keep the technology on line more often and will minise any down-time. Training and support packages can also be included to ensure your staff know as much about the ENDOALPHA system as the Olympus service technicians.
With our customised solutions, hospitals can rapidly capture the whole value of their new ENDOALPHA solution, protect their investment in the long run and increase staff satisfaction.

Technical Training

The Technical Training module provides an additional professional qualification to in-house biomedical engineers, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date technical knowledge. This helps them minimise downtime by reducing accidental damage to endoscopic and reprocessing equipment. It also helps increase efficiency - in-house staff are able to identify technical problems themselves, resulting in smoothed workflows and reduced costs. This biomed training is conducted by an Olympus expert and is designed to be highly interactive.

Application Training

The Olympus Application Training module is designed to give all relevant members of staff a basic grounding in the handling of endoscopic and reprocessing equipment. Application training is conducted by Olympus' team of experts and is designed to be interactive and engaging. By giving members of staff a firm, practical background in the most up-to-date aspects of conducting endoscopy and reprocessing, the Application Training module and qualification is designed to help reduce handling errors, resulting in increased equipment uptime, improved efficiency and better patient care.

Preventive Maintenance

The Corrective Maintenance module is the best way to ensure Olympus equipment maintains its quality, reliability and long-term value. Our fully qualified and experienced technical staff will perform each repair using only genuine Olympus parts, and ensuring that the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) specifications are met every time. All repair costs are covered by the agreement, including labour, delivery and original parts, so there will be no surprising bills. In addition, the agreement can be customised to suit each customer's needs.


The Certification module is available to ensure that endoscopic systems and processes are operating at the optimum level. Our team of specialist technicians perform a range of system checks, including a detailed safety check, and issue appropriate certificates. This rigorous process of evaluation and checks ensures maximum uptime of equipment as well as prolonging equipment longevity. Detailed documentation is provided to prove conformity to internal and external regulations and requirements.

Remote Service

The Remote Service module allows our engineers remote access to faulty equipment, resulting in immediate diagnosis, and a high rate of problems being fixed quickly which ensures uptime maximisation. Troubleshooting and installation of software updates can be performed over the secure VPN connection, avoiding the need for interruptions to the daily workflow. This process is a particularly cost-effective way to keep equipment in top-quality condition, as it avoids the need for a technician to physically visit the site, resulting in major cost savings.