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Technical and after sales department

The company offers you an exact solution you may require. It is not just services you enjoy, but it is a specific solution for any specific problem leading to reduction of costs and increasing efficiency.
You may take advantage of your categorized services such as preventive service contracts, maintenance and support contracts, cast visits, in-place checks, in-place repairs, updates, applied trainings, warranty and guaranty services, workshops and seminars, technical advices, function and calibration services, etc.
Adding quality and high-ranking technology to devices are viewpoint of technical and after sales department. In this regard, the Company provides specific working spaces (with more than 900 square meters are for technical purposes), high educated personnel (more than 72% with academic degree) being trained by manufacturing companies (more than 200 certificates from valid manufacturers) with high experience (more than 8 years on average) and employs more than 65 full-time technical personnel to make a desirable and different environment for medical community of country.
Experience, specialty, confidence
Training in all levels, comprehensive support in all locations
Realistic thinking, responsible approach