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Ask Us Your Requirements

Technical and after sales department is responsible to provide appropriate solutions to remove requirements of customers; since, operating these equipments requires software and hardware, the department tries to offer the best services.
Endotherapy equipments including regular or needle sampling disposable and reusable forceps for different processes of endoscopy
Injection and sclerotherapy needles
Cleaning tools for rigid and flexible endoscopes (brushes, adaptors, etc)
Leak tester and other endoscopy maintenance equipments
Air and water buttons, suctions and biopsy cover and other accessories of endoscopy
Disposable products including oral and forceps and patient plate for electrocautery and laparoscopy camera cover
Endoscopy integrated management system software
Periodical check and preventive services and maintenance contracts
Various types of respiratory ventilator modes including nasal PRVC, Bivent, PRVC, SIMV, VS, VC, NIV, NAVA, CPAP
Various types of ventilator applications including nebulizer, auto mode, Y-Sensor-NAVA, CO2 Analyzer, or turn the device to Universal Mode
Autoclave Heavy load Program for heavy loads with problem of drying
Consumables in infection section including different tests such as class 1, class 4, class 5, B&D, biologic, stickers, etc manufactured by 3M Company
Consumables of anesthesia machine including ducts, belows, bag, etc
IZ3D, iDentity, iPilot Live/Dynamic, Roadmap, DSA, 3D software installable on Siemens Angiography machines
Clarify VE, TGO, THI, SieScape, SieClear, 3D/4D software installable on sonography machines
Different coils and protocols of MRI machine